What is DOGSTAR PICTURES all about?
Dogstar is a dynamic video (and photography) production company that was conceived in late 2013 and is run by two women... go look at some of our stuff!


Efisia Fele is the founder of Dogstar Pictures and also co-writes, directs and edits. Efisia has a background in directing and stage managing for theatre and has worked in almost all aspects of filmmaking on feature films, short films, TVCs, corporate videos and music videos in the last decade. Efisia is mostly self-taught behind the camera and is a big believer in continuous learning via immersion.

Phoebe Callow is Dogstar's producer, co-writer and music industry advisor & liaison. She has worked on music videos, film productions and tours with some of the world’s biggest bands and talent. Her experiences have taken her on an amazing global journey which has included artist management, event management and publicity both in Australia and in the United States.

The two women have been collaborating in film for over a decade.

Jerome Rush is Dogstar's newly appointed art director, in-house artist, animator and screen-printer. He is a VCA fine arts alumn, exhibiting artist, published author, cartoonist, educator and the mastermind behind the Miscreants Arist Collective and the 90s cult puppet band The Velvet Tongue - the foul mouthed, Aussie rock'n'roll answer to The Muppets.
Rush previously collaborated with Dogstar Pictures on several music videos unofficially, bringing his brilliantly quirky ideas and concepts and he designed our logo! We're thrilled to officially welcome him to the team.

Where can I check out some of Dogstar's work?

Aargh! How embarassing, yes, we're STILL working on our showreel!! In the meantime, go look at some of our stuff or send us an email.

I'm interested in hiring Dogstar to shoot my music video/band/film/whatever. Who do I contact and how?

Great! Thanks for your interest. Send through your enquiries via private message through our page on Facebook or email. Go to our contact page.

I'm interested in working for Dogstar. Who do I contact and how?

It should be noted that Dogstar rarely has positions available. However, we do at times need extra hands on deck, so feel free to send us your expressions of interest, CV and showreel. Go to our contact page.

Who designed the totally amazing DOGSTAR PICTURES logo?

Why our brilliant art director, Melbourne artist Jerome Rush did! (Thanks Jerome!) You can check out his awesome artwork here: http://jeromerush.com/

I have a question about Dogstar that wasn't answered here!

Excellent, get in touch! Go to our contact page.

Why "dog star"??

We like stars but Keanu Reeves is "excellent", too...

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